Article Processing Charges

Authors pay a one-time Article Processing Charge (APC) to cover the costs of peer review administration and management, article technical editing and hosting, liaison with abstracting and indexing services, customer services, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, and dissemination of published papers in various venues, in addition to other publishing functions.

There are no charges for rejected articles, no submission charges, and no surcharges based on the length of an article, figures or supplementary data.

Some items (Editorials, Corrections, Addendums, Retractions, Comments, etc.) are published free of charge.

Additional fees may be for color figures, primarily for print version journals that are not online-only.

The payment is available only after the manuscript passes the review procedure and the editorial board takes decision to approve article for publication. Upon editorial acceptance of an article, the author is notified that payment is due.

We advise prompt payment as we are unable to publish accepted articles until payment has been received. Articles are published in the order of priority.

Payment can be made by a Credit card or Invoice. We keep the authors informed via email once payment has been processed. Receipts are available on request.

The author pays the APC and the article is immediately freely available online on journal’s website for all to read, download, and share, without any additional financial and technical constraints.

The APC may be paid by the author's institution, the research founder, the author or a sponsor. Budgets of Medical Institutions of the Republic of Moldova are adjusted in order to provide funding for the article processing charges required to publish in Arta Medica. A part of their research budget is shifted from the creation of knowledge to its dissemination. Many funding agencies allow the use of grants to cover APC. An increasing number of funders and agencies strongly encourage open access publication.

The Article Processing Charges for every accepted paper are as follows (from 2020/06/01):
600.00 MDL (€31.00) for Moldova,
2350.00 MDL (€120.00) for rest of world,
1950.00 MDL (€100.00) for color figures (1-8 on page) in print version.

Refunding Policy
Arta Medica will refund an article processing charge if an error of the editorial office has resulted in a failure to publish an article under the open access terms. This may include the failure to make an article openly available on the journal platform, or publication of an article under a different Creative Commons license from that assigned in the License Agreement. A refund will only be offered if these errors have not been corrected within 30 days of publication.

If you become aware of an error in the open access status or licensing of your article, please contact the editorial office team immediately (

APCs will not be refunded when articles are retracted as a result of author’s error or misconduct.

Waiver Policy for APC
The editorial board considers individual waiver or discount requests for articles in Arta Medica on a case-by-case basis and the waiver may be granted if the author lacks funds. A decision is normally made within five working days.

Arta Medica does not request APC charge from members of the "Nicolae Anestiadi" Association of Surgeons of the Republic of Moldova. A mansucript is published without payment request when at least 50% from the list of authors are members of "Nicolae Anestiadi" Association of Surgeons of the Republic of Moldova.

Arta Medica offers discounts for medical residents and PhD students, citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

The authors who are submitting a manuscript that represents a substantial critique of an article previously published in Arta Medica may apply for a waiver of the APC.

In order to apply for an APC waiver on these grounds, please contact the journal editorial team on the point of submission. Requests for waivers will not be considered until a manuscript has been submitted, and they will be awarded at the discretion of the editor.

Please, be aware, request made during the review process or after acceptance will not be considered.